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Five-star cornerback Andrew Booth commits to Clemson 

Dabo Swinney has been hot on the recruiting trail in the past couple of weeks, especially on the defensive side and he got another one in the form of Andrew Booth. Booth is a rangy corner that almost plays with the aggressive mindset of a safety, meaning he will come up in run support and he doesn’t give receivers any space once they catch the ball.

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Four-star JUCO tight end Austin Griffin commits to Louisville

Griffin is huge, standing at 6’7″ 250 lbs. He needs to work on his agility and overall speed, but he has the size to be a problem for defenses at the next level and he will be coming in more physically mature as a junior college product.

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Four-star wide receiver Treylon Burks commits to Arkansas

Speaking of big dudes, this guy is it. He’s 6’3″ 225 lbs and he does a great job of using that big frame to basically box out defenders and make catches. He’s also quicker than you would think once he gets the ball in his hands.

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Four-star linebacker Kalen DeLoach commits to Florida State

DeLoach is an athlete. He still needs to add weight to his frame to play any linebacker spot at the division one level, but he certainly has the athletic ability needed and he is able to cover a ton of ground.

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Four-star defensive tackle Steven Faucheux commits to Purdue

More on the slim side for someone who’s listed as a defensive tackle, Faucheux plays a really disciplined style of football. He’s good against the run game and what he does really well is set the edge, meaning he keeps everything in a box to where his teammates can help him.

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Four-star wide receiver Dannis Jackson flips from Mississippi State to Ole Miss

Big in-state recruiting victory for Ole Miss over their rival Mississippi State. Jackson is a very athletic target and he is really good when the ball is in the air. He should be a good play-maker in the SEC.

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Four-star wide receiver TJ Sheffield commits to Purdue

Sheffield was briefly a Notre Dame commit, before they told him they wouldn’t honor his commitment. I wrote about that when it happened. But Purdue is having a good recruiting week and with this they’re getting a very elusive player who is good in the open field.

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Four-star wide receiver Jonathan Mingo commits to Ole Miss

Mingo has very good speed and does a great job of beating defenses vertically. He should bring a great vertical threat to the Ole Miss offense.

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Four-star offensive tackle Darius Thomas commits to Ole Miss

Darius Thomas is a large person. He weighs in at 340 lbs and he stands at 6’6″. His weight could indicate a move to guard in college, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

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2020 four-star defensive end Kendrick Bingley-Jones commits to Florida

Bingley-Jones is a beast. He’s 260 lbs already as a defensive end and he’s only going into his junior year. He can play inside and outside and he can run like a defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid. He also plays with a really good motor.

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2020 four-star quarterback Luke Doty commits to South Carolina

The Gamecocks have been doing really good with quarterback recruiting, getting Doty while also having Ryan Hilinski committed for this year’s class. Doty is a dual-threat quarterback that is an accurate thrower. The one thing he does that I don’t like is he tends to stare down his receivers, which is something he’ll need to shake before playing in college.

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Four-star wide receiver Trey Palmer commits to LSU

LSU has had some really good NFL receivers come through this program and Ed O and company are hoping that Palmer can be the next one.

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Four-star quarterback Lance LeGendre decommits from Kansas

LeGendre has a rocket arm and is one of the top-ranked dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation. This would’ve been a huge get for Kansas to go into Louisiana and getting a top quarterback. He holds offers from a bunch of the top schools in the country.

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Four-star cornerback Adonis Otey commits to Arkansas

Otey is a good play-maker and has shown that ability by doing things on both sides of the ball. He will be a welcome addition to the Razorbacks defense.

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Four-star athlete Tristan Sinclair commits to Stanford

Sinclair is barely over 200 lbs, but he plays very physical and has even played a good amount in the front seven in high school at outside linebacker. He also plays running back, but from what I’ve seen I like him a little more on defense.

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Four-star quarterback Michael Johnson Jr. commits to Penn State

Johnson Jr. is one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. I think he will be a perfect fit for James Franklin’s offense in Happy Valley.

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Four-star inside linebacker Diwun Black flips from Ole Miss to Florida

Black has very good athletic numbers and he has very good size that should fit in well to him playing inside in the SEC. This is a big victory for Dan Mullen to be able to flip Black from Ole Miss.

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Four-star athlete Christian Harris commits to Texas A&M

Harris has really good size and is listed as a wide receiver and inside linebacker. With his size at 6’1″ and 225 lbs he probably works better at inside linebacker. Another great pickup for Jimbo Fisher.

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Four-star outside linebacker Ge’mon Eaford commits to Oregon

Another big victory for Mario Cristobal and his staff. Eaford is a little on the shorter side when it comes to linebackers, but he has long arms and is very versatile, meaning he could probably play inside or outside in college.

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Four-star JUCO defensive end Jermaine Johnson commits to Georgia

Johnson is the number one ranked JUCO player, according to 247 Sports. Just another great pickup for Kirby Smart as they get a defensive end that is 250 lbs and should come in ready to contribute next year.

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Four-star offensive tackle Stacey Wilkins commits to Oklahoma

Wilkins should be a really good fit for the Oklahoma offense. He’s a very athletic tackle and he does a really good job of finishing his blocks off.

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Four-star tight end Jude Wolfe commits to USC

Wolfe is a freak. He runs good, smooth routes and has the speed to make plays vertically, but he also loves to play physical and get in the tranches and block. He’s a really versatile player that should carve out a role in college easily because he can play inside and outside.

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Four-star combo guard Samari Curtis commits to Cincinnati 

Curtis is a fairly big guard and he’s a good rebounder for a guard. He’s also able to play with the ball and play off the ball, which only ups his value on offense.

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Four-star small forward Dontaie Allen commits to Kentucky

Shocker, another four or five-star recruit for John Calipari. Allen is very good at finishing at the basket and you can tell he’s athletic by how well he controls his body in the air.

Four-star shooting guard Jaylen Forbes commits to Alabama

Alabama gets their second top-100 recruit for this year’s class in the form of Jaylen Forbes. Forbes has good size, but he has a really beautiful shot and it’s hard not to imagine him being a good shooter in college, especially at Alabama where he’ll be surrounded by athletes the way things are going for them right now in recruiting.

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Four-star combo guard Jordan Lathon signs with UTEP

Lathon is a one-time Northwestern commit that will now play his college basketball at UTEP. He’s a long and athletic guard that has a shot that could develop to a point where he’ll become a player that can score in almost every way.

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