Rays Get Controllable Outfielder

tommy pham
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What the Rays get

Outfielder Tommy Pham and international slot money from St. Louis.

I really like Pham. His average is down from the .306 he hit last season, but he’s still sitting at 14 home runs and has double-digit stolen bases. He’s a very athletic outfielder that hits for a good amount of power and has a good overall career batting average.

What lowered his trade value this season that enabled Tampa Bay to go out and get him was that both his offensive and defensive numbers are down this season, but I believe in him as a player and think that he’ll be able to turn those numbers around.

He also can’t become a free agent until 2022, making him an even more attractive asset for the Rays.

What the Cardinals got

St. Louis will be getting outfielder Justin Williams, left-handed pitcher Genesis Cabrera and right-handed pitcher Roel Ramirez.

Justin Williams only has one career major league at-bat, but overall his minor league numbers have been very good. He’s hit .300 overall and he’s shown the ability to hit for a little bit of power while also showing that he can be versatile and can steal bases a little bit. However, his fielding numbers have been pretty sub-par for an outfielder.

Genesis Cabrera is only 21-years old and he’s showed a lot of promise in the minor leagues, especially with his ability to strike people out. He has had at least 100 strikeouts each of the last two seasons and he’s thrown a good amount of innings for being at the levels he’s been at. Overall he looks promising and is the prospect I’d probably be most excited about if I were a Cardinals fan.

Ramirez is a little bit older and he’s been more up and down than the other two prospects the Cardinals will be getting. He also seems like he has yet to really carve out a for sure role in the professional ranks.

Overall this is a nice package the Cardinals got back for Pham as Williams and Cabrera appear to be guys that are promising going forward.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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