Blue Jays Unload Suspended Reliever Osuna

roberto osuna
John E. Sokolowski

What Houston gets

They will be getting reliever Roberto Osuna, who is currently serving a 75-game suspension for violating the leagues domestic abuse policy. Take the off the field stuff out of it and Osuna has been a very good closer in his career. He has 104 saves in three full seasons and in the 15 games he has played this season (9 saves). The back end of the bullpen is really the only weakness Houston had, especially with the horrible struggles of Ken Giles that forced the team to send him down to triple-a.

I’m not going to say anything about his off the field issues, I’ll leave that judgement up to everyone else, I’m simply going to write about the on the field implications of this acquisition for the Astros.

What Toronto gets

They will be getting right-handed pitcher Ken Giles, minor league right-handed pitcher Hector Perez and minor league right-handed pitcher David Paulino.

Ken Giles overall in his career has been pretty good and he was pretty good last year in the regular season, but he had that season sandwiched between a not-so good 2016 and a horrible season so far this year. He was performing so horribly that he was sent to triple-a. Maybe a change of scenery will help him, but honestly he’s so up-and-down that it’s anyone’s guess.

Hector Perez gets slotted in as the number 11 prospect in the Blue Jays organization. He is having a nice season in the minor leagues, but he has a few too many walks, and going off of his scouting report, control is something that he might always struggle with. However, he does have a very good fastball and he has some nice secondary pitches that should lead to him being effective as long as he can learn to throw strikes consistently.

David Paulino is a physical monster, standing at 6’7″ and 222 lbs. He has struggled mightily in his short amount of time in the major leagues, but he was a highly-thought of prospect before making it to the major leagues.



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