Oregon SNL Recruiting Camp Thoughts

The recruitment of Giles Jackson has been heating up and for good reason. (Photo: Doug Duran/Mercury News)

I had the pleasure of attending the recruiting camp that the Oregon football program puts on that about 100 of the nations top prospects come to so they can showcase their skills and get coached up by division one coaches. It’s not often that a camp like this is held so close to where I live so I had to take advantage of the opportunity. In this I will simply list some of the prospects that stood out to me.

Now keep in mind that this was an unpadded camp, which limits some of the real football skills that players can show off and for that reason I spent most of my time watching the skill-position players and the defensive backs, especially in 7-on-7.

2021 Oregon commit, running back Seven McGee

McGee hasn’t even entered his sophomore year of high school yet, but this kid is built like he’s already been in college for a couple of years. He’s really well put together, especially in the lower body, and he was able to really showcase his athleticism today. In 1-on-1 situations with defensive backs there were a couple reps where he made a quick cut and would leave the defender completely in the dust. On another one he was out in a pass pattern down the middle of the field and he made a really nice, twisting catch against really good coverage.

He showed that he is way more than just a running back and that he has the ability to be an all-purposed back. He also did a series of front flips after one of the offenses touchdowns, just more showing off his athleticism.

Uncommitted all-purpose back Giles Jackson

Jackson is a do-it-all player and he holds a bunch of offers, but has narrowed his recruitment to mostly schools on the West Coast and Michigan. He has been a fast riser in the rankings and there’s been some debate about what position he will play in college and with today being my first time seeing him in person, it’s clear he could play in the slot because he has the hands for it and that he could be a running back used in a number of different ways.

Wherever he decides to go to school he will be someone that defenses will always have to be aware of because he will be a threat to go to the end zone from anywhere on the field.

Uncommitted wide receiver Jameson Williams

As is the case with pretty much every prospect at this camp, Williams holds offers from some of the top schools in the country and pretty much had his pick of where he wants to go. 247 Sports lists Oregon, Nebraska and Alabama as contenders with Ohio State being the favorites.

What I liked about Williams was his ability to focus on the ball when it’s in the air. He doesn’t let defenders distract him from going up and trying to high point the ball, which can be a tough skill to learn.

Uncommitted wide receiver Lincoln Victor

Victor is smaller in stature than a lot of the receivers that were at this camp, but whenever I watched him do a rep he seemed to get open. And mind you that he wasn’t playing against scrubs, he was going up against some of the top defensive back prospects in the country.

He runs really sharp routes and catches the ball when it’s thrown to him. He doesn’t have many offers to this point, but if he keeps going to camps and performing like he did today it wouldn’t shock me one bit to see him end up with some power five offers.

Uncommitted wide receiver Jalen McMillan

McMillan is a four-star prospect from Fresno, but he has yet to see his recruitment really take off. His stock has been on the rise recently and I can clearly see why, because talk about another guy that can make some difficult catches. It’s easy to make catches when you’re open and it’s great that you can get open, but the higher up in competition players can get the tougher it is to get open, which is why I personally love receivers with long arms who show they can make difficult catches.

McMillan has a number of Pac-12 offers and I think his recruitment will heat up sooner than later and he could easily continue to climb up the receiver rankings.

Uncommitted defensive back Darien Chase

Most people view it as a two team race for the services of Darien Chase. Those teams being Oregon and Washington, albeit with some other schools mixed in. Based on what I saw today, whoever gets him will be happy because he was constantly attached to whoever he was defending.

Chase also has good height for a defensive back. He’s also listed as an athlete on 247 Sports, but I didn’t get to see him do anything on offense today.

Oregon cornerback commit Mykael Wright

Wright was the most impressive defender I saw today. He locks on to whoever he is guarding and he’s very football-savvy, not falling for any double moves any receivers tried. He was actually usually almost running the route for the receiver. It was really impressive stuff.

He also had a diving interception while defending one of the receivers I mentioned, Lincoln Victor. I also really like the demeanor he plays with. He doesn’t play very emotional so he doesn’t get too high or too low.

Uncommitted 2020 prospect Miles Jackson

Jackson plays defensive back and running back in high school, but today he was a defensive back. He hasn’t had much recruiting action so far in his recruitment, but he could be a big-time late bloomer based off what I saw today. He was right there as one of the top defensive backs that I noticed at the camp.

I’ll be interested to follow his recruitment going forward because I didn’t know much about him before today even though he’s from an area not too far from me. But now I know about him and I think many other people who are recruiting junkies should as well.

Oregon safety commit Trikweze Bridges

I knew the recent Oregon commit looked very impressive physically, but seeing it in person was even more impressive. He’s got a 6’3″ frame and while he is a little thin at the moment, he will undoubtedly put weight on with his frame.

He struggled a little bit in the 1-on-1 portion, but that’s understandable for a safety. In the 7-on-7 it was a different story however as he was able to actually play safety and he had two plays that really stood out to me. The first was him flying back to breakup a pass in the end zone and it might’ve been an interception if he didn’t collide with another defender in the air. The other was a “pick-six” as he ran with a running back who was a check down and the pass got tipped up in the air and he grabbed it and ran it back for what would’ve been a pick-six had it been an actual game.


Author: Jared Woodcock

I am the founder and owner of Sports Daily Gameday Insight. I am also currently a business student at the University of Oregon


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