Zach Britton Traded to the Yankees

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The New York Yankees have officially announced a trade with the Baltimore Orioles in which they will receive reliever Zach Britton in exchange for three prospects, pitchers Dillon Tate, Josh Rogers and Cody Carroll.

It was only a matter of time before the Orioles dealt Britton as they are going to be entering a complete tear-down rebuild and Britton is set to be a free agent at seasons end and they needed to get some value for him.

Britton has dealt with some injuries the last two seasons, but he just recently came back and appears to be healthy, or else the Yankees wouldn’t make this deal obviously. Even during his seasons of dealing with injuries he’s still been effective.

Yankees fans shouldn’t expect him to be what he was in 2014-16, where he never had a season with an ERA over 2.00 and he was his most dominant in 2016, posting an ERA of 0.54 and leading the league with 47 saves. But with that being said he should still definitely help.

While this is of course a good addition for New York it doesn’t really move the needle in my opinion. They already have a great bullpen and while this will lengthen it, which is becoming more and more important in the playoffs as each year passes, it doesn’t address any needs they have.

They will still need to add a starting pitcher in my opinion, and while that very well could still happen, this move just doesn’t really move the needle, which doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s a bad move because it’s certainly not.

The top-ranked prospect Baltimore will be getting is Dillon Tate. Tate was previously the number nine ranked prospect in the Yankees organization and is thought of as having a nice three-pitch mix of a fastball, slider and changeup. Cody Carroll is the other prospect that was ranked in the top-30 for the Yankees, sitting at 14th. He is thought of as having a pretty elite fastball that he will need to work on harnessing.

I really like this trade from the Baltimore point of view. They need as much pitching in that organization as they can get and being able to add two guys who look like they could definitely be in the majors soon will be helpful.

I actually like this return for Baltimore about as much as I liked the one for Machado, even though Machado is a better player.


Author: Jared Woodcock

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