Jeurys Familia Dealt to Oakland

jeurys familia
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With the Oakland A’s going on an incredible streak right before the All-Star break that got them within 3.5 games of the second wild card at the break, the team became buyers in a season that seemed like they would be sellers early on. This prompted Billy Beane to go out and make a move and his move was to trade for Mets closer Jeurys Familia. In the deal, the A’s will be sending prospects, third baseman Will Toffey (previously the 17th ranked prospect in the A’s organization), reliever Bobby Wahl and $1 million in international slot money to the Mets.

Familia will not take over the role of closer for Oakland, as that is manned by Blake Treinen and his 0.94 ERA, but he will add depth to what is already a strength for this team. It’s also a pretty low-risk move for Oakland because they didn’t give up too much, the international slot money might’ve actually been the most valuable asset they gave up, and also because Familia is only a rental player and with the team being somewhat of a surprising contender, getting a rental to strengthen the bullpen to try and make a playoff run is smart and they won’t be tied to him long-term.

This is just the start of what could be a number of moves the Mets make until the deadline that could involve them moving on from veteran players, as they are clearly in a re-build.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic also brought up that this move for the A’s could be similar to what the Twins did last season, acting as buyers and then selling after a slump right before the deadline. If they do end up doing that they will have not given up too much to get Familia and would be able to get something back. However, I don’t think this will be the case because the team is playing great baseball right now.



Author: Jared Woodcock

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